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Teaching Tips

Use Colours and Visuals

Use visual aids such as food models, food picture cards, grocery flyers, posters, empty food packages and containers, pictorial recipes, video…etc to demonstrate your key points.

Use a KISS model when teaching

Keep it short and simple

Have Fun

Participants are far more likely to retain information when learning is fun. Examples of fun activities include taste-testing, theme days, role playing, spin-the-wheel Q&A…etc.

Use Hands-on Approach

People learn best by doing. Have participants perform and practice the actual task.

Demonstrate Everything

People remember far more of what you do than when you say.

Make it Safe

Supervise closely; participants may eat the food before it is cooked. Review handwashing and safe food handling procedures.

You can use Play-doh to teach serving sizes

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Since the implementation of the Healthy Eating Adds Up program, I have seen many positive changes to our Homes. Our residents are showing more interest in healthy eating; they ask more questions about food, menus and shopping. They practice what they learned in class in their daily living. I also noticed that the residents are coming together more as a group, they communicate more among themselves, and support one another. Overall, they have a greater interest in everyday living related to food and fitness. I am extremely happy with this program.

Kathleen Ward
Director, Community Residential Care Homes Inc, Hamilton

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